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3 Strategic Tips for Different Types of Product Presentation

The perception of quality you have of a product is linked to the way it is presented. The better the performance of the product presentation, the better the idea the consumer will have and the more likely they will be to buy it.

Firstly, you need to create an identity between your audience and the product brand. Each type of audience has its own characteristics that need to be considered when preparing your marketing presentation and choosing how to present the product.

1. Presenting the product at the point of sale

This type of presentation is common for companies that seek closer contact with their consumers. In this case, careful preparation of spaces is a point of attention:

  • Product layout: When they enter the point of sale, what do people generally intend to buy? Think about how they will circulate in space so that they find your products along the way. It is interesting to find a strategic point by bringing elements that attract attention.
  • Disclosure of promotions: Many purchases are driven by promotions. When these promotions are presented and advertised in a different way, they tend to lead the end consumer to make a purchase.
  • More visible differences: Create presentation categories and choose the information you want to highlight. Using these differentiators, show how your product can guide a purchase. Try to ensure that the point of sale conveys these differences in every detail.
  • Support resources: Supporting resources help convey the idea of ​​differences. Check the point of sale details in advance.

2. Online product presentation

Today, everyone is connected, but some audiences have an even stronger tendency to consume online. In this case, some online strategies become essential. Presenting products online can also be interesting for those who are prospecting customers.

  • Content production and call to action: Develop banners, try to publish on different blogs, and work with a theme linked to the reality of your customers. Through this content of interest, create a bridge between your prospects and your products.
  • Website as a source of information: Already on the first page of the website, the customer must understand the problem that your company solves and how your product will help them. This good presentation, in addition to strengthening the product, also makes your job easier because when contacting the company, the customer will already understand the solution and will be focused on more in-depth questions.
  • Attractive product images: Photos of your product are an important aspect of internet presentations. A quality image will encourage customers to read the description and, hopefully, purchase.
  • Products on mobile: Another strategy linked to the online world that makes it easier for more connected sellers is to have product registration and images on your cell phone. It can be a support for more formal presentations.

3. Talking to the customer 

  • Technical information: Before talking about the content of each product, you will need to know all the technical specifications of each one. But it is not necessary to present them without being asked. Try to provide the customer with information related to the differentiators and what the product can add to the customer’s life.
  • Elaborate presentation: Be prepared, take examples from other customers and, if possible, work with a product model for presentation.

How about taking a big step towards improving the presentation of your products?

In addition to being able to count on a digital catalog in the palm of the seller’s hand, you can also:

  • Plan the sales route for salespeople;
  • Supply the stock of your vehicles;
  • Issue NFe in the field with or without internet;
  • Generate bank slips and print them on portable printers
  • Integrate field information into the internal management system used by your company.

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