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How to Know Your Loan Provider Is Trustworthy

There may come a time when you need to borrow money to meet your weekly financial obligations. You might have had an unexpected bill or weren’t able to work as many hours as you normally would to cover your regular costs.

In situations like these, it’s only natural to explore payday loans. While not all loan providers are trustworthy and safe, you may be able to pick one that is by taking these steps: 

Reading Online Reviews                   

You may enjoy much-needed peace of mind knowing a loan provider like My Canada Payday is legitimate after reading online reviews. Real people who have received payday loans before and had a positive experience may be happy to share their experiences online.

Type your preferred provider’s name into a search engine and read any reviews that come up regarding people obtaining loans. The more positive ones you see, the more confident you might be in a lender’s authenticity. 

Checking Registration and License Information

Whether lenders are operating in the United States or Canada, they are normally required to be registered and have licenses for operating in specific states. This information must be prominently displayed on their website. Once you have a lender in mind, browse their website for licensing information. If you can’t find it, see it as a sign that they’re untrustworthy and start looking elsewhere. 

Browsing Business Directories

A lender can have a professional-looking website, but that doesn’t mean they take care of their customers. Consider browsing directories like the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  These platforms can provide insight into a business’s background so you can see if they have a history of fairness. If a company has no reviews, this can sometimes be a sign of a business not being legitimate. 

Identifying Interest Rates

Payday loans are high-cost loans. Anyone seeking such a loan deserves to be made aware of it. The most reputable payday loan providers publish interest rates and annual percentage rate (APR) information on their websites for complete transparency. When you know this information before taking out a loan, you can have all the facts to make a well-informed borrowing decision. 

Checking Website Security

When you’ll be using a website for sharing financial information, site security is essential. Upon visiting a lender’s website, look for that all-important padlock symbol in the browser bar.

This symbol combined with ‘https’ at the front of the website address is proof of a website’s security. With SSL encryption, you can rest assured your personal information entered into the website is safe. 

Asking for Recommendations

Even after doing your due diligence to find a trustworthy lender, you may still have your doubts. In that case, consider asking friends and family members for recommendations. If people you know have utilized the services of payday lenders before and have had a great experience, they may be happy to recommend their lender to you. 

While not all payday lenders are reputable, there are plenty of trustworthy options out there. Do your due diligence with these actions above and you may be on your way to borrowing with confidence before long. 

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