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10 Best UPI Apps For Safe Online Payments In India

The UPI is the best payment app that played a major role during the pandemic. During the nationwide lockdown, people were not able to visit the ATM to withdraw cash. At that particular time, the UPI payment was a life savior and turned out to be the best payment app. 

The best UPI apps have many benefits, for instance you can make a payment to the shopkeepers with the help of these best UPI apps. In addition, you can send money to anyone worldwide with the help of these best payment apps. The best UPI apps not only help in making the payment but some of the people use this best UPI app for cashback.

So if you want to know which are the best UPI apps or the best UPI app for cashback? Or which UPI app is safe or details about the best payment app. Continue reading this article!

 What is UPI?

The UPI stands for the Unified Payments Interface. The UPI app downloads are a moment constant installment framework developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) that works with both banks dispersed (ie.P2P) and individual to-dealer (P2M) transactions. The NPCI is the umbrella organization for all computerized installments. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) controls the connection point, which functions by instantly shifting assets between two ledgers on a movable stage.

The UPI app download is a continuous installment structure that allows money to be sent or mentioned from one ledger to the next. Any of the applications among the best UPI apps can be used, and several ledgers can be linked to a single application. 

List of Top 10 Best UPI apps in India

Here is the list of best UPI apps in India with their ratings and key features:

1.PhonePe4.4This is one of the best UPI app for cashback in India.Charge payments and re-energizing are also quite easy. 
2.Google Pay4.5It offers a Chat option that is helpful for first-time transactions.Is known as the best UPI app for cashback.
3.Paytm4.45It offers a fantastic and simple user interface.QR codes are used for exchanges.
4.Freecharge4.2Has the most UPI app download in 2017.You can take care of bills, do DTH re-energize, and IRCTC appointments through this application.
5.PayZapp 3.9Best UPI app for cashback.Has one of the most UPI app downloads in 2022.
6.Pockets4.6Has the most UPI app download in 2016.It includes a variety of cashback options.
7.Mobikwik4.2For movements, a QR code is used.It makes use of a VPA ID and a QR code cash transfer option.
8.Amazon Pay4.4Has the most UPI app download.Has the feature of ALEXA.
9.BHIM app4.2It makes use of a contactless payment method.Has one of the most UPI app downloads in 2022.
10.Cred2.8Best UPI app for cashback.It makes use of a VPA ID and a QR code cash transfer option.

Best UPI apps in Details 

  1. PhonePe

PhonePe is a Bangalore-based sophisticated installments and monetary administrations business. In light of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), the PhonePe application became online in August 2016. The number of PhonePe UPI app downloads has increased.


  • To access the program, no PIN or secret word is required. 
  • To transfer money to another account, use a different symbol. This may be used to examine the balance of a bank.
  • While changing money, it is simple to search down a new beneficiary.
  1. Google pay

Whenever the question arises which UPI app is safe? The first name is Google Pay. As it is a computerized wallet stage and online installment framework made by Google to regulate in-app, online, and in-person contactless buys on cell phones, enabling customers to make installments using Android telephones, tablets, or watches. Has increased in the number of UPI app downloads in 2017.


  • It includes the Google Pay Safe protection. Biometrics can be used to secure UPI payments.
  • It has the unique Tez mode, which allows the receiver to receive the money without disclosing any personal information.
  1. Paytm

Paytm (a fractional shortened form for “pay through versatile”) is an Indian global innovation organization that has practical experience in advanced installment framework, online business, and monetary administrations, situated in Noida. Paytm is the second on the list of which UPI app is safe? The number of Paytm UPI app downloads raised in 2016.


  • After completing the KYC verification process, one may easily open a Paytm Payment Bank account.
  • Rupay Virtual Debit Card is linked to Paytm Payment Bank.
  1. Freecharge

Freecharge is a Gurgaon-based Indian financial administrations firm. It enables customers to pay bills such as power, gas, and phone, as well as re-energize portable, internet, DTH, and metro cards. Furthermore, it enables consumers to invest in shared assets and obtain financing through Freecharge EMI.


  • It provides cashback as well as in-app restrictions and incentives.
  • There is no fee for moving money from one wallet to another or from one bank to another.
  1. PayZapp

PayZapp is an HDFC application that helps with recharging, bill payment, cash transfer, ticket booking, and shopping. It works flawlessly with all clients of any bank that have a charge or Mastercard.


  • A Visa Virtual Debit Card can be obtained for online installments.
  • The Proximity Payment will be sent.
  1. Pockets

It is a VISA-controlled e-wallet that any bank’s client may use to re-energize versatility, send cash, buy anywhere, pay bills, and much more.


  • It provides a free Virtual Visa Debit Card. A real credit card can also be obtained.
  • It could be possible to do so using ICICI Bank NetBanking.
  1. Mobikwik

MobiKwik is an Indian payment specialist organization that was founded in 2009 and offers a mobile phone-based payment framework and sophisticated wallet. Clients deposit funds into a web-based wallet that may be used to make payments. Comes in the list of Which UPI app is safe!


  • You can earn compensation points by re-energizing or making a service charge payment. These can be used to pay down future installments.
  • With no reports, one can obtain an In-App Digital advance of up to Rs.1.00 lacs.
  1. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a payment administration offered by Amazon on the internet. Amazon Pay, which was launched in 2007, makes use of Amazon.com’s customer base and focuses on offering customers the option to pay using their Amazon accounts on third-party shipper sites. Comes in the list of Which UPI app is safe!


  • A faster way to pay.
  • Best money transfer application.
  1. BHIM app

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is an Indian mobile payment application developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) following the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). It was sent out on December 30, 2016, to work with e-payments directly through banks and enable credit-only exchanges.


  • It makes use of a contactless payment method.
  • It makes use of a VPA ID and a QR code cash transfer option.
  1. Cred

Cred is a Bangalore-based Indian fintech company founded in 2018 by Kunal Shah. The primary component of the CRED program is reward-based Mastercard payments. Following that, CRED allowed consumers to make housing lease payments and provided interim credit lines. 


  • It includes a variety of cash-back options.
  • For movements, a QR code is used.

How do the best UPI apps work?

The best UPI apps are the substantially simplified best payment app for the cash transfer procedure. You do not need to remember the collector’s record number, account type, IFSC code, or bank name. All else being equal, you may perform the cash transfer merely by recognizing their Aadhaar number, registered mobile phone number, or UPI ID. You can create a UPI ID via one of the UPI apps that assist with UPI management. A UPI ID often begins with your mobile number, is followed by a ‘@’ symbol, and ends with the application you are using. And the UPI app download can be conducted from the play store.

The ID for these UPI apps may be created by entering the specifics of your bank balance into the program. To establish that you are a valid user, the program will send an OTP to your registered mobile number. After entering the OTP, you will be prompted to create a PIN for the UPI ID. After completing the enlisting process, you may select any phone number from your contacts and transfer money. You may also demand money from anyone on your contact list.

The best UPI apps are known as the best payment app due to many reasons. For instance, the UPI apps help you to make payments in a few seconds. Whenever you visit a bank for transferring or depositing money to any other person, you need to fill the deposit then wait in the queue and wait for your turn. On the other hand, the UPI apps help you transfer the money within a second. This was the main reason why the UPI apps are known as the best payment app. The other benefit of these UPI apps is that whenever you go out shopping you don’t need to worry about the cash as you can make the payment from these best UPI apps.

Benefits of the best UPI apps

Here is the list of benefits of the best UPI apps:

  1. Once Mandate

Clients who have received a mandate can now pre-approve an exchange and pay at a later date using the UPI order highlight after the UPI app download gets completed. These instructions are designed with one-time block usefulness for exchanges that can be handled later while making a responsibility right now.

  1. Verification of Receipts

The new UPI 2.0 includes the sending of an online receipt from the dealer to the client after the UPI app download gets completed. Now, before making any payment, a customer may have a view of the requested sum as well as other nuances that are necessary to validate the vendor’s credentials. 

  1. Connect an Overdraft Account

Until now, clients had the option of connecting their reserve money and current records to UPI. Regardless, with the new upgrade, they may also link their overdraft record to it and execute in a hurry.

  1. Additional security is provided through Signed Intent and QR codes.

Clients can check the validity of dealers by screening a QR or Quick Response code. UPI 2.0 provides the customer with data to help them determine whether or not the shipper is a confirmed UPI trader. You simply need to click on the UPI app download icon. 


  1. What is the full form of UPI?

The UPI stands for the Unified Payments Interface.

  1. Which UPI app is safe?
    The Google play app comes on the top number in the list of Which UPI app is safe.
  1. What is the benefit of AmazonPay?
    AmazonPay is the best money transfer application.
  1. Which is the Best UPI app for cashback?

The Best UPI app for cashback in Paytm.

  1. Is the UPI app download easy?
    Yes, the UPI app download is easy. You just need to choose the one app among the best UPI app and click on download. This is how UPI app download occurs.
  1. Which app comes on the top of the list for most UPI app downloads in 2023?
    Paytm comes on the top of the list of most UPI app downloads in 2023.

What is the main benefit of the best UPI apps?
The main benefit of the best UPI apps is that they are easy for making payments.

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