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How To Clean And Maintain The Kitchen Faucets At Home

People wipe down and clean their kitchen countertops and sinks almost daily but often forget to pay attention to the faucets. Cleaning and maintaining kitchen faucets is quite a common issue. You must have seen water spots, scratches, and stains on your faucets. But how to deal with them? In this post, you will find various tips and tricks that can assist you in maintaining your kitchen faucets and thereby maximizing their life span. 

Cleaning Kitchen Faucet With Soap And Hot Water 

There are numerous industrial cleaners available in the market that claim to clean your faucets. But these cleaners are made from toxic chemicals and should be avoided. A kitchen faucet manufacturer suggests soap and hot water to clean the faucets. This will help you maintain the finish of the faucets and simultaneously get rid of the bacteria. You need a soft cloth and dip it in hot, soapy water to clean the kitchen faucets. You can even clean the faucets while washing dishes in the sink. 

Use A Soft Toothbrush To Clean The Faucets

It is common for the faucets to develop water stains as we use them every day. But you can get rid of these stains easily using a soft toothbrush. It is also a great method to clean the oil stains that often develop on the kitchen faucets. Just take the toothbrush, apply some toothpaste, and scrub the faucets. The stains will get wiped down in no time using this trick. Use this method regularly to maintain the shine of your kitchen faucets. 

Using Vinegar For Disinfecting The Faucets

Vinegar is one of the best ways to deal with faucets that have come in contact with bacteria or germs. Mix an equal quantity of vinegar and water. Take a soft cloth and apply the solution on it to clean the faucets. Vinegar is a safe ingredient that can assist in killing even the most troublesome bacteria. Using the vinegar solution, you can also remove mineral and calcium deposits on the kitchen faucets. 

Kitchen Faucets Requires Daily Maintainance

If you think cleaning the faucets once or twice a month is enough to maintain them, then it’s wrong. They need your attention daily. When you clean your kitchen faucets daily, they are less likely to get stains or buildups. Do not use any chemical product on your faucet without reading its labels. Only use cleaning agents free from harsh chemicals, and don’t destroy the finish of your faucets. 

To Sum Up

Kitchen faucets are used a lot, and it is common for them to develop buildups and stains. Numerous methods can help you clean and maintain your kitchen faucets. You should not depend on industrial cleaning agents to clean your faucets as they contain many toxic ingredients that can harm them. Sometimes, normal soap and hot water are enough to remove water stains on faucets. You can use a vinegar solution to remove the buildup of calcium or minerals on faucets. 


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