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20 low-investment small business ideas in India for 2024

India has been an excellent place for investment and business as you will find every facility necessary to flourish a full-blown business here. Starting and growing a business is ideal and a huge responsibility which only some people can handle. Many prefer to do something other than a 9-5 job as they want to be their boss. It is one of the prime thoughts of almost every businessman. As much as business looks fascinating, in reality, it is not. You have to start from scratch, and building an entirely new empire is often challenging. However, only some can fulfill their needs, and the main reason is more resources and funds. As technology is rapidly increasing nowadays, we must use it and grow our business on our own terms. All you have to do is improve your skills and talent and show up on the ground. The primary and prime aspect of any business is the owner’s confidence, so remain calm and composed. However, some of the small business ideas need higher investments.

Most profitable low-investment business ideas in India

There are many options for starting a small business, which only requires low investment. With the help of good planning and creativity, we can earn good profit. All you have to do is stay focused. However, of the most profitable investment business ideas in India are:

  1. Courier company
Courier company as a business idea

As technology increases, we become increasingly dependent on the Internet and e-commerce. It is one of the fastest-growing and most steadily flourishing businesses for newcomers. It is a great business idea that requires a low investment cost. As per the various censuses, people are highly dependent on e-commerce, which is why this business is increasing at an incredible pace. When we start a business, there are misconceptions in our minds; at the moment, we must tackle all these thoughts. However, starting from scratch is quite challenging, so you can begin by opening a renowned courier service company franchise. Moreover, you can train people.

  1. Online fashion boutique

Nowadays, people are highly inspired by all kinds of fashionable and aesthetic clothing as it is one of the most demanding sectors. With time, people are becoming more conscious about their dressing sense. However, starting a clothing business is a great idea. However, there are times when people cannot visit offline stores, so you can create an online clothing store which can provide a range of clothes and designs to their customers without actually stepping out of their houses. You can start your business by throwing advertisements on various social media apps, as it will catch people’s attention more significantly. The types of services you provide your customers play a considerable role in this.

  1. Online bakery

An online bakery is an excellent option if you’re a baker but want to avoid working in any other shop and setting up your bakery. You can showcase your skills on your online site to attract people, and once you get enough orders, you can start working as a home baker. Bakery products are a necessary part of every occasion, and with the help of online baking, you get a chance to enlighten other people’s occasions. With time and excellent cooking skills, you can increase the number of customers. All you have to do is post bakery information and your products on different food sites so people can approach you easily.

  1. Sell a service

Nowadays, people are fascinated with online blogging, videos, and web designing, which allows them to start a business in this field. All you have to do is make a resume and post it on all the freelancing websites to get work. Moreover, you can even post on various social media accounts so that people will become aware of your services. In this sector, the services may range from photography, web designing, fitness training, calligraphy, etc.

  1. Lending library services

Nowadays, people are becoming more focused on reading novels and books because they love to read. However, if you also love books, you can turn love into your own business. You can sell or lend fictional books and novels to people, and they will pay you. It is similar to the library, but the only difference is that it works online, providing you with all kinds of books without visiting it.

  1. Join an affiliate market program

If you love digital marketing and have affiliated skills, this business is definitely for you. It is a time-consuming process that requires lots of effort or hard work, but once it’s entirely grown, it makes you a considerable profit. The affiliate’s primary job is making vlogs of various products, such as clothing, accessories, etc., for the people. The affiliate market is not limited to vlogging only. You can gain money through commission, and different brands are tied up with you for the advertisements.

  1. House and pet sitting

If you do not want to work full time, house and pet sitting can be a great alternative. As people become more inspired by traveling worldwide and the moments, we have to drop these plans to think about our house and pets, but not anymore. Now, anyone can travel without worrying about their house and pets because the pet sitter will look after your pet while you’re away. You can perform this job either part-time or full-time. You can prepare a website on various apps and provide house and pet-sitting services to people.

  1. Tutor

Tutor is one of the most convenient and easy-going small businesses, which you can start from your home or even visit other places to provide your services. You have to find a subject which you find fascinating and teach to other people without any issue. However, after that, you can create a profile so people can know more about you. You can work part-time as a tutor. 

  1. Blogging/ Vlogging

Vlogging is one of the most exciting and easy ways to make money. All you need is a great audience who are interested in your content. If you have a great sense of video capturing, this can be an excellent means of money. All you need is a camera and a working space, and then you can create content magically. 

  1. Personal assistant

A personal assistant is an excellent option to gain knowledge about any job. Various organizations demand personal assistance to work effectively, but for you, it can be a perfect opportunity to learn skills. If you’re someone who has good organizational skills, then it can be a great business opportunity. 

  1. Virtual bookkeeping and accounting

Bookkeeping is an effective way to maintain records of financial transactions. If you have good accounting skills, this job can be of great profit for you. All you have to do is preserve the record of all the necessary taxation details and other financial statements. It helps businesses to have all the information in a digital way, which they can use anytime and anywhere. You can find your own clients or tie up with some organization that can provide you with work.

  1. Printed products

Nowadays, people are highly inspired by Gen-Z aesthetics because of the influence of various social media apps. However, one thing which has rapidly increased is the craze for printed products. People like to wear printed clothes as they are a significant trend. If you love graphics, Love Job can be an excellent alternative.

  1. Social media agency

Social media have been playing an essential role in people’s lives. If you love to inspire people with your work, this job can be a great alternative. Nowadays, almost every company plans to sell their products on a much larger level. However, social media agencies help make your plans a reality. These companies advertise their products on social media sites so that more and more people like and buy them.

  1. Handcrafted products

Handcraft has been a delicate and famous work for many ages—people who love to showcase their skills to those interested in this creativity. You can start your business on the wholesale level and then transport it to other retailers. You can add your personal touch so people can easily recognize your work. It is one of the most stable small businesses that will grow with time and effort

  1. Self-improvement coaching

Nowadays, people are conscious of their personalities and appearance and want to upgrade themselves according to the trends and environment. However, they need grooming for that and improvement—some people who want to start working as models need self-improvement classes to improve themselves. 

  1. Errand service

As technology increases, people are getting increasingly focused on technological instances. However, many people still need to learn more about this specialized system, making it challenging to enjoy various services. However, older adults who cannot complete their work due to a lack of knowledge can ask for errand services. In this service, they can ask you to do any task at a per-hour rate.

  1. Recruitment services

Recruitment is one of the most essential services in any organization. These organizations conduct recruitment to select potential employees. With the help of these recruitment services, companies can choose the best employees capable of doing the job. You can perform this either online or offline, according to your preference. You should sign up with a famous and reputable company to earn good money.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors and a great source of earning for those who want to make online. You can work comfortably in your home, and all you have to do is promote the products they want to showcase to the people. All you need is a profile and the Internet to promote these products. This field is continuously growing as people are fascinated with this work. Every small business planning to take their business on excellent weight height do digital marketing first


  1. Create an app

As technology is upgrading, people are becoming much more dependent on these technologies to provide information to the people. However, you can make an app that will help you briefly describe that particular stuff. You can find various apps on your mobile phone which are made to provide services to people. The best part of being an app developer is that you can work from anywhere and anytime.  

  1. Digital assets

Digital products are an essential part of the recent generation. However, forming a digital asset is quite expensive. But in digital assets, you have to create a digital asset at once, and then you can make various copies and sell them into the market. In this way, you do not have to develop expensive digital assets repeatedly and will still earn a great income.

India is a developing country that provides an excellent space for new businesses. Moreover, due to constant job competition, people prefer to start companies to work according to their needs. If you want to set up a business without investing a significant amount, we have provided you with all those options. You can go with the start-up options according to your ability.

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