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Protective Cases: How To Make Them Eco-friendly

Protective, customized, eco-friendly cases with proper slots and protective coverings to ensure the safety of the contents are required in all industries. Protective cases of various sizes and customized based on the specific product it is supposed to hold are manufactured by eva case manufacturer

Case manufacturers provide long-term customer support and help with easy prototype development to give their clients exactly what they want. Most case manufacturers consider the fit, flexibility and durability of cases. However, the eco-friendliness of the case itself is an important consideration for buyers. 

Sustainable And Protective Cases

The material that goes into making the cases may be required for long-term storage, or it may need to be discarded after one-time use. It is a major disadvantage if the material is such that it will harm the environment or the case’s contents. So, eco-friendly case manufacturers ensure that they use easy-to-use and dispose of materials in their cases. Some safety tests that manufacturers use and materials that case manufacturers avoid and why are listed in this blog post.

ROH Complaint Cases

ROH stands for restriction on the use of hazardous substances. Substances like lead, mercury, and flame retardants all fall under the category of ROHs. Substances like mercury affect fishes when they enter the aquatic food chain. Likewise, the introduction of lead in the environment can affect biodiversity by negatively impacting the reproductive capacity of plants as well as animals. Flame retardants usually have substances like CFCS that have a negative impact on the protective ozone layer of the earth. Thus, protective case manufacturers try to get an ROH-compliant certification for their products so that the product is environmentally sustainable. 

Phthalate Free Cases

Phthalates are substances that make plastics more durable. Protective cases must be hard and resilient if they are to keep the case’s contents safe. However, plastics with phthalates are resistant and stay in the environment longer. Also, phthalates in general, are known to affect the reproductive system of several species.

PAH Free Cases

PAH or polyaromatic hydrocarbons are formed wherever there is smoke formation. These minute particles attach to different surfaces and can be incorporated into protective cases during manufacturing. 

Research work from several laboratories has shown that PAH may be connected to cancer, that is, it is a potential carcinogen. 

Apart from being a carcinogen, scientists have associated it with blood and liver ailments. Cases that contain PAH may harm users and grazing animals/rag pickers after their disposal. So, manufacturers who manufacture sustainable cases test for PAH and try to manufacture products with minimum polyaromatic hydrocarbons.


Protective cases have wide applications, but most clients want the cases to be sustainable in the long term. So, if you are planning to sell or buy protective cases from a manufacturer make sure to check for a PAH-free tag, phthalate-free tag and an ROH (no hazardous components) complaint tag before you make any purchase.


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