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ICICI Bank Video KYC (vKYC)– Documents Required, Timings

For KYC purposes, video proof of identity (vKYC) is an online, in-person video identification verification procedure. Customers may verify their signatures and KYC papers using this easy online Banking method. Customers will be able to finish their KYC without physically visiting a bank by using ICICI Bank vKYC mode.

We’ll guide you through the functions and procedures in this blog post to finish your ICICI Bank vKYC process. 

What is ICICI Bank Video KYC (vKYC)?

Regardless of the kind of ICICI Bank products you select, you must begin the Video KYC verification procedure in order to establish a bank account or obtain a Credit Card. There are several perks linked with the vKYC procedure at ICICI Bank. First off, because KYC is completed online and without paper, this procedure is simple and quick. You won’t have to go to the branch as a result. You will also have unrestricted access to all of the e-KYC banking account’s features.

How to do Video KYC (vKYC) for ICICI Bank? 

The following procedures will make it simple for you to finish the ICICI Bank vKYC during the point of account opening.

Step 1: If you’re not currently a user, apply to create an account. 

  • Applying for a “Insta Save” Savings Account or additional options is simple and can be done by going to the bank’s official website or branch. There, you will be required to input your PAN, identify oneself using Aadhaar and OTP, and complete other necessary requirements.
    If you would rather not create an ICICI Bank Savings Account, you can still apply for a loan or credit card.
  • Keep in mind that applicants for the “Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card” must also finish the vKYC procedure. 

Step 2: Select the item labeled “Video KYC” 

Click the “Video KYC” tab on the m-banking app or the link you received from a bank representative. After providing access to the location for regulatory purposes, you will be connected to a KYC officer who will quickly video call you to confirm your information. 

Step 3: Send in the necessary information for the video KYC

All you need is a steady data connection, your PAN card, plus some blank white paper plus a blue or black pen. 

When is the Video KYC (vKYC) required by ICICI Bank? 

All clients must complete a bank vKYC process in compliance with an RBI regulation in order to have unrestricted utilization of ICICI Bank goods and services. When creating an account at ICICI Bank, you must finish the entire KYC process. 

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Required Documents for ICICI Bank Video KYC (vKYC)

The following paperwork is required for you to finish the ICICI Bank video KYC (vKYC) verification procedure.

  • Adhaar Card 
  • PAN Card

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Timings for ICICI Bank Video KYC (vKYC)

Only during the bank’s operating hours, which are Monday through Friday (9.15 AM until 6.15 PM), may you do your ICICI Bank virtual KYC. Thus, on bank holidays, this facility is closed.

Things to consider before to completing the Video KYC (vKYC) process with ICICI Bank
Customers who are new at the bank might use this procedure.
The video KYC (vKYC) procedure requires you to be in India.
The video-based KYC method for opening an Insta Save Account is only available to Indian people.
Possess a blank piece of paper, a blue or black pen, your PAN card, and your Aadhar number and registered cellphone number close at hand.

Users may now conveniently update their KYC information online without having to go to their local branch thanks to the ICICI Bank Video (vKYC) procedure. All you have to do is schedule a video chat so that your documents and online signature may be verified.

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