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CBI Net Banking: Login, Registration & Password Reset

The Central Bank’s CBI Net Banking services provide a digital platform for all of your financial requirements. Anyone who has a Central Bank of India account is eligible to sign up for this service. Customers can view online account data using the Central Bank of India’s CBI net banking services.

Users may obtain account statements, trace all previous activities, and make rapid online payments using the round-the-clock online banking service.

The Central Bank of India’s advantages Customers of CBI who have enrolled for the CBI net banking services can take use of the following advantages:

  • Creating a CBI account
  • Services for mobile banking
  • Check your balance online
  • Bill payment and other EMI settlement
  • Making a checkbook request 
  • Putting money into stocks
  • Purchasing new insurance contracts
  • Making tax payments
  • Transacting money online
  • Modifying the account’s settings
Service Description
Account Balance Enquiry Check the current balance of your account(s).
Cheque Status Enquiry Track the status of issued cheques (cleared, uncleared, bounced etc.).
Transaction History View past transactions in your account(s) for a specific period.
Download Account Statements Download detailed statements of your account(s) in PDF format.
Fund Transfer to Self-Accounts Transfer funds between your own accounts held within the Central Bank of India.
Fund Transfer to Third Party Accounts Transfer funds to accounts held by other individuals or businesses within India, using NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS.
Stop Cheque Payments Block payment on issued cheques to prevent misuse.
Open Accounts Online Apply for new savings accounts, fixed deposits, or other account types offered by the bank.
Tax Payments Pay income tax, GST, and other taxes directly to government authorities.
Bill Payment Pay various bills online for utilities, mobile recharge, internet, etc.

Users who register for CBI net banking can use all of these services from anywhere at any time, around the clock.

How to Register for CBI Net Banking Offline?

You may quickly register for the CBI bank net banking services if you already have an account there. The steps involved in signing up for CBI net Banking are outlined in full below:

  • The registration form must first be downloaded from the CBI webpage.
  • Once you receive this form, you may accurately fill it out with all of the information. Information like name, services required, address, email address, and more. The bank where you opened your account, or your home account, will then need you to submit it.
  • After completing the paperwork and sending it to the bank, start the net banking activation procedure.
  • The bank will then either the same day you filed your application or the next day activate your online banking services.
  • After activation, you will be able to access your User ID 

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How to Register for CBI Net Banking Online?

A user can quickly register for the CBI online banking services if they already have an account with the CBI bank. The steps involved in signing up for CBI Net Banking are outlined in full below:

  • Visit the https://www.centralbank.net.in/#/ website of the Central Bank of India to get online banking services. 
  • Under “Quick Links and Services,” choose “Application Form.”
  • A new page will be displayed to the user. Download the program by choosing either “Personal Internet Banking” or “Corporate Internet Banking.”
  • Take a printout and accurately fill it out with all the information. Next, turn it in at the CBI Bank branch that is closest to you.
  • The bank will start the process of activating CBI Net Banking as soon as the user submits the form.
  • The bank will give you the password and User ID when it’s enabled. The Central Bank of India net banking portal may be accessed by the applicant with these login details.

    The Central Bank of India (CBI) Net Banking Login 

    To use the corporate net banking system, customers of CBI Corporate Banking need follow following steps:

    • Visit the https://www.centralbank.net.in  website of the Central Bank of India to access Net Banking.
    • Under “Corporate Banking,” choose “Login.”
    • On the following screen, enter the Corporate ID, User ID, Password, and Captcha Code. Next, select “Proceed.”
    • Put in the phone number that is registered. 
    • For account verification, enter the OTP that was issued to the registered phone number.
    • To enter the corporate net banking portal of the Central Bank of India, click the “Submit” button.

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    How to Create a Password for Central Bank Net Banking?

    The steps to create a fresh password for Central Bank of India (CBI) net banking are as follows:

    • Navigate to the login page for CBI net Banking. Select “Create Online Password.”
    • Input your registered phone number and 10-digit CIF number.
    • Select “Generate Password” from the menu now, then press the “Next” button.
    • You will receive a one-time password, or OTP, on your phone.
    • Put the OTP in. The page where the password is generated will be displayed to the user.
    • Make a fresh password. After verifying the password, click “Submit.”

    How Can a Beneficiary Be Added to the CBI Net Banking?

    The receiver must be added as a beneficiary in order for the cash to be sent. The procedures listed below must be followed in order to add the beneficiary:

    • It will be necessary for you to log into CBI Net Banking.
    • You must select the “add a beneficiary” option after going to the fund transfer page.
    • At this point, you have to select CBI or another bank.
    • The bank or the branch with the IFSC code must then be supplied.
    • The beneficiary’s nickname must be entered into all required fields. 
    • After providing all of this data, you may press the submit button.
    • Once the recipient has been verified, you must input the grid parameters for authentication.
    • You’ll see that the beneficiary has been successfully added on display.

    How to Set Up Transaction Passwords for Net Banking at CBI Bank?

    The user must do the following actions in order to generate the transaction password for CBI Net Banking:

    • Enter your User ID and password to access CBI online banking.
    • Select the box labeled “Generate transaction password.”
    • Type in the phone number linked to the bank account.
    • You will receive an OTP at the registered phone. To move on to the next stage, enter the OTP.
    • Create a fresh transaction password or T-PIN.
    • To verify the password, enter it again.

    How Can I Use CBI Bank Online Banking to Transfer Funds?

    Users may transfer money with ease using CBI Bank net banking services once they have properly activated their accounts. They have the option to transfer money electronically to other CBI accounts or to their own CBI Bank account. 

    The procedures for transferring money using Central Bank
    Of India (CBI) Net banking are as follows:

    To other CBI Accounts

    Here are the steps to send money to the other account within bank:

    • Open the CBI’s online banking interface by logging in at https://www.centralbank.net.in/#/.
    • Click on ‘Transactions’. ‘Within CBI’ is the opportunity to transfer money to a different CBI Bank account.
    • Choose the recipient account for the money transfer now. Choose the “Add Beneficiary” option and provide the beneficiary’s name, IFSC code, and beneficiary account number if the beneficiary’s account hasn’t already been created.
    • Now input the transaction date and the amount that has to be sent.
    • To finish your transaction, click ‘Continue’ and provide your transaction password.

    To Different Bank Accounts

    Here are the steps to send money to the other bank:

    • The IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS services allow users to transfer money to other bank accounts. 
    • The procedures needed to transfer money via NEFT, IMPS, or RTGS are listed below:
    • Access the CBI Corporate or Personal net Banking by logging in.
    • In the ‘Transactions’ section, choose ‘NEFT/RTGS/IMPS’. 
    • Choose the beneficiary account to send funds to.
    • Include the transaction amounts and date in this field. Select ‘Continue’ to move forward. 
    • To finish your transaction, enter the transaction pass code on the next screen.

    Charges to transfer the money from one bank to another

    If you are willing to transfer the money here is the charge sheet you can go through while sending it. 

    Transaction Type Amount Range Time Charges Applicable
    NEFT Up to Rs. 10,000 Any time Rs. 2.50 /-
      Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 Lakh Any time Rs. 5/-
      Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 2 Lakhs Any time Rs. 15/-
      Above Rs. 2 Lakhs Any time Rs. 25/-
    RTGS Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 5 Lakhs 8am to 11am RS. 25/-
        11am to 1pm Rs. 27/-
        1pm to 4.30pm Rs. 30/-
        After 4.30pm Rs. 30/-
      Above Rs. 5 Lakhs 8am to 11am RS.50/-
        11am to 1pm Rs.52/-
        1pm to 4.30pm Rs.55/-
        After 4.30 pm Rs.55/-

    Do’s and don’t 

    There are several Don’t and Do’s that you must take care while using CBI net banking: 


    • Use only the link provided on the website www.centralbankofindia.co.in or the official CBI website, centralbank.net.in, to access the CBI banking site.
    • Modify the password that the bank supplied.
    • Before entering the login ID and password, confirm that https:// appears in the address bar rather than http://.
    • Always maintain the system’s antivirus software up to date.
    • Pay attention to the transaction history of the account.
    • If you have any reason to believe that someone else knows your password, update it right away.


    • Keep your password and login information private.
    • Never reply to any questionable emails or divulge any confidential information.
    • Downloading software or files from an unidentified or dubious source is not advised.
    • Never leave the ID or passwords written down in a location where others might see them.
    • After the task is finished, don’t log out of your net banking account.
    • As far as possible, avoid using public workstations for net banking.

    Customer Care 

    CBI offers its clients unceasing assistance and support. Any concern, misunderstanding, or problem can be discussed by any account holder with the customer service representatives. The information below will assist you in getting in touch with the CBI customer service facility:

    Phone contact for the Mumbai headquarters: 022-6638-7777

    Call center’s 24-hour toll-free number: 1800 22 1911

    One of India’s oldest banks is the Central Bank of India (CBI), which was founded in 1911.  This government-owned bank is headquartered in Mumbai and has more than 4600 branches nationwide. Through its many offices, CBI provides net banking services to all account holders. Banking is now quicker, simpler, and more convenient than it has ever been thanks to these services. Online transactions, both financial and non-financial, can be performed with CBI net banking.

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