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HDFC Mini Statement: How to Get Mini Statement of HDFC Bank 2024

Almost everyone in India has a bank account, whether it is private or nationalized. However, when it comes to private banks, many people have accounts with HDFC Bank. They want to monitor their transactions so that they can speculate on future spending. It is possible to view the previous 5 to 10 transactions using a bank statement, but the HDFC Mini Statement is recommended. As a result, we have covered a variety of options in this article to assist you with downloading the mini statement for your HDFC savings account. You can use any strategy to create your tiny statement.

Features and Benefits of HDFC Mini Statement

It is vital to get the HDFC Bank mini statement for the following reasons:

  • It allows users to receive banking information over the phone swiftly and simply.
  • The customer may easily manage bank accounts and view their balances.
  • It is more convenient because the customer does not have to go to the bank to examine their statement or complete routine transactions.

How to Get the HDFC Bank Mini Statement?

There are numerous ways to obtain the HDFC mini statement, which include:

  • Through the HDFC Bank Mini Statement Number (toll-free)
  • Options for communication include SMS, missed calls, and HDFC Mobile Banking.
  • Available through HDFC Internet Banking and ATMs.

Check HDFC Mini Statement with HDFC Mini Statement Number

To inquire about HDFC’s latest three transactions, consumers can call the bank’s toll-free number from their registered phone number and speak with a customer care representative. The HDFC mini statement number is 1800-270-3377.

Check the HDFC Mini Statement via SMS

Users may now get their HDFC mini statement by SMS. Text “TXN” to get HDFC mini statement no. 5676712 from your registered phone number. They will get a statement for their HDFC Bank account in seconds. This service does not require an internet connection, and users may obtain information about their previous transactions by SMS.

Check HDFC Bank Mini Statement with Missed Call

To access your HDFC mini statement, contact the HDFC mini statement missed call number. The short statement will be sent to your cell phone via SMS. 

Here are the steps that need to be followed:

  • To get a small statement for your HDFC bank account, contact 1800 270 3355.
  • Make sure your cell phone is linked to your account. 
  • After two to three bells, the call will be terminated, and you will receive a brief message on the registered number.

Download the HDFC Mini Statement with Mobile Banking

You can also use your mobile phone to ask about the HDFC Mini Statement by downloading the HDFC Mobile Application. You must simply log in with your credentials to view your bank account statement. The statement shows the most recent 10 debit and credit transactions combined.

Check HDFC Bank Mini Statements with Internet Banking

You can also utilize HDFC internet banking to get a small statement for your HDFC Savings account. Simply enter the HDFC Net Banking interface and log in with your credentials. Once logged in, you may see your available balance as well as a summary of your previous transactions. This method can help you to see your tiny statement.

Get the HDFC Bank Mini Statement from the ATM

If you require a hard copy of the Mini Statement, visit the nearest HDFC ATM. Access the ATM with your HDFC Debit card and then choose Mini Statement from the banking menu. The machine will provide a receipt, including the ten most recent transactions from your HDFC savings account. You can get a hard copy of the HDFC mini statement in this way.

You have seen numerous techniques for obtaining the HDFC Mini Statement. You can utilize any method to see all transactions in your mini statement, including the HDFC Balance Check. If you want a paper copy of your mini statement, you can go to an HDFC ATM and acquire a printed report on a slip with your HDFC debit card. However, instead of using your HDFC Credit Card at an ATM to check your balance, you can do it using the HDFC Credit Card Login. If you do not have internet access, you can obtain your HDFC Mini Statement by a missed call or SMS.

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