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PNB Bank Locker Charges 2024: Locker Rent in PNB

Punjab National Bank is an Indian public financial institution, started in May 1894. In terms of company extent, it’s far the third largest Indian financial institution having subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Kabul. However, behind the convenience of safeguarding assets lies a nuanced device of costs and charges. Among its numerous array of offerings, the financial institution gives a locker facility with low priced PNB bank locker Charges. PNB has received diverse prestigious awards like the IBSI awards, and lots of greater reputation for its tremendous banking services. 

Keep reading to comprehend more about it. In this blog, we delve into the intricacies of PNB Bank locker Charges & Prices, shedding light on what clients want to know earlier than availing of this provider.

Eligibility Criteria to Open a Punjab National Bank Locker

Take a look at the eligibility criteria to open a PNB Bank Locker:

  • Resident Individual (singly or at the same time)
  • Limited Companies
  • Trusts/Clubs/Societies/Associations
  • Non-Indian Residents (who’re elements of the PNB bank)
  • Illiterate or Blind Individuals 

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PNB Bank Locker Charges in 2024

Here are the detailed overview of the PNB bank locker charges: 

Size (Height x Width x Depth) in mmTotal Volume (in Cu inch)1 inch = 25.40 mmPNB Locker CategoryPNB Locker Rent 
159 x210x4921002.49Small₹1,250 for rural and semi-urban areas ₹2,000 for urban and metro areas 
125x352x4921321.04Medium₹2,500 for rural and semi-urban areas ₹3,500 for urban and metro areas
159x423x4922019.30Medium₹2,500 for rural and semi-urban areas ₹3,500 for urban and metro areas
321x210x4922023.90Medium₹2,500 for rural and semi-urban areas ₹3,500 for urban and metro areas
278x352x4922938.00Large₹3,000  for rural and semi-urban areas ₹5,500 for urban and metro areas
189x529x4923001.80Large₹3,000  for rural and semi-urban areas ₹5,500 for urban and metro areas
321x423x4924076.71Large₹3,000  for rural and semi-urban areas ₹5,500 for urban and metro areas
152.40×406.40×520.701967.99Very Large₹6,000 for rural and semi-urban areas ₹8,000 for urban and metro areas
404x529x4926416.54Extra Large₹10,000

Features of Punjab National Bank Locker

Besides inexpensive PNB Bank Locker Charges, right here are a few other top functions of the financial group PNB lockers:

  • You can hold confidential files within the PNB locker. Other than documents, you can store your precious things.
  • PNB gives a hassle free charge facility for locker rent to their clients.
  • The PNB lockers are effortlessly accessible within banking hours on all working days.
  • PNB Bank Locker offers a various array of lockers of diverse fee tiers, thereby allowing applicants to pick at their comfort.
  • By selecting this facility, you could get six non- cost visits until six months after getting the locker facility. 
  • These PNB Bank Llockers include the extra advantage of a nomination facility for the bank customers.
  • The financial institution has a dual key phenomenon (one key is for the purchaser and the other is for the monetary organization) to ensure the best protection.

Documents Required to Open a Punjab National Bank Locker

If you’re planning to open a bank locker and pay for the locker costs in PNB financial institution, keep all of the below-indexed documents ready because it will ease out your complete banking process.

  • Passport-size photograph of the applicant 
  • Security Deposits
  • KYC documents of the applicant for PNB Locker
  • Bank statement of PNB savings or current account
  • Locker Agreement

How To Close PNB Bank Locker Account ? 

Here are the details of Account closure for PNB bank locker:

  • Death of the customer – No account closure charges.
  • No PNB Locker closure charge will be recovered upon transfer within branches of the Bank. Also opening another joint account after the closure of an earlier one as well contribution to the deceased depositor’s savings bank will not count for accounts’ closure.
  • In case the customer is unhappy in his/her choice of SB /CA a/c or services provided by our Bank he / she can, within 14 days from opening account, visit the bank to change it for any other one. He/she may seek the refund of the sum to be returned to him/her with interest if any it might have realized. The bank will not ask for any charges when one decides to close the account within fourteen days of opening such an account and funds paid into it.

Rules and Regulations of Punjab National Bank Locker

For details on PNB locker rules and regulations please go through the below mentioned points.

  • The PNB Bank will levy fees as per the State Stamp Act.
  • Agreement execution of the locker should be carried by the local branch in PNB banking timing.
  • Locker facility applicants are subject to the duty of stamp.
  • The bank can force open a locker and handle what is in the locker owner if required.

Tips for Customers Enrolled in PNB Bank Locker

Here are some tips for the customers to open the PNB Bank locker

  1. Choose the Right Size: Assess your storage wishes cautiously before opting for a locker size. Choosing a locker that is too small may also result in overcrowding, while opting for a bigger one than necessary may additionally result in useless fees.
  1. Budget Planning: Add up all ancillary charges: rent, safety deposit fee, AMC and taxes while chalking out a budget to keep your money in a bank locker. This will eliminate shocks and make us economically ready.
  1. Regular Maintenance: Monitor the deadlines for price cuts and follow what is specified in pointers by PNB Lockers to avoid penalty fees. Assess the content of your locker periodically and replace the bank if anything amends or it is wrong.
  1. Security Awareness: Get into comfortably with the security elements and gain entry to protocol of the PNB locker facility. Issue a door key caution on the equal time while gaining access to most of the people’s locker and protect be garaged keys get right used!

A bank locker from PNB incurs a number of different costs and prices that customers must remember before availing the services. Such information regarding the different additives of these charges and also following rules prescribed by PNB Bank; clients can take smart decisions in respect to their locker-related costs. Moreover, proactive caution and security functions form the important components that go into maintaining a paying experience. Never forget to discuss with representatives of the PNB for accurate records regarding locker prices and governing rules.

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