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HDFC Bank BC Point Login: CSC HDFC Bank CSP Registration Online

HDFC Bank is a famous nationwide bank institution serving thousands of people daily. However, it provides its customers with a range of services and various job opportunities. It helps in giving economic offerings to all the people in need. We have always heard about opening the CP, but usually, it is on a private basis, and the income could be more stable. But with the help of HDFC, you can open a mini bank, which will help provide the banking facilities that people need for better connectivity with the banking sector. With the help of CSC Bank Mitra, you can apply for this facility. This procedure is relatively easy and hassle–free.

 The HDFC bank Mitra is applicable in every state of India. The registration procedure can be done quickly without many issues and takes around 90 – 100 days to complete. Once the official bank does all the necessary steps for the verification, you will be provided with the temporary certificate. When you get the contemporary account, you will officially be known as HDFC’s BC agent. 

HDFC is a well-known bank all across the country. However, the bank often needs help fulfilling the customers’ needs in one go. Moreover, it is quite a big problem in villages and small towns. However, HDFC Bank CSP helps service people from cities and towns to tackle this issue. Currently, HDFC has a target of establishing 30,000+ CSPs nationwide. In this article, we will talk about registering CSC points and guide you step by step for effective results. Moreover, we’ll also talk about the eligibility criteria, important documents, etc.

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Overview of HDFC Bank BC Point Login & CSC HDFC Bank CSP Registration Online

The overview of CSC HDFC bank registration will help you understand this program. Here is a quick overview of the CSC HDFC CSP application.

Service nameHDFC bank CSP
Plan beneficiariesIndian citizens
Application processOffline and online
The objective of this planTo provide HDFC banking services to the people who come to rural areas
Benefits of planThe plan helps connect the rural areas with the urban areas and provides them with all kinds of banking services they need help to get/.

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Eligibility criteria for the HDFC Bank CSP Registration Online

There are a large number of people who need help getting quick and easy banking facilities due to the differences between regions. However, it helps them with banking services and even provides the opportunity for handsome earnings. However, if an individual wants to register for the HDFC CSC, they need these required points to qualify for this plan.

  1. The individual must be 18 years old or above.
  2. The individual must be a citizen of India.
  3. The individual must have an excellent working space of around 100 – 150 sq. meters for easy functioning and working.
  4. The individual must have the residential proof and the residency where they want HDFC bank CSP.
  5. The individual must have computer knowledge for easy and efficient work.
  6. If you’re a student, house worker or retired officer with educational capacity, you can apply for the HDFC bank CSP.
  7. The individual must have the education certificate for classes 10th and 12th

Essential documents for CSC HDFC Bank CSP Registration

There are some of the documents that an individual must need to have. However, those documents are:

  1. Email ID
  2. The explicit photos of the CSC center ( inside and outdoors)
  3. Cancel Check
  4. PAN card
  5. Bank Mitra certificate
  6. Mobile number
  7. Police verification
  8. Passport size photo

Equipment required for the HDFC bank CSP to apply

Some equipment must be in your office space if you are considering setting up a customer service point. Every work done inside the CSP is online so that some specific equipment will help in quick and practical work. However, the equipment is given below:

  1. 2 or 3 desktops or laptops must have the newest operating window for quick access.
  2. Availability of furniture such as chairs, desks etc.
  3. Fingerprint scanner
  4. Good connectivity of internet connection
  5. Availability of stationary material
  6. A drawer in which you can save all the cash of the customers
  7. Printer and scanner

What banking services are provided by HDFC Bank CSP?

The prime scheme through which you can enjoy the services of HDFC Bank Customer Service Point is the HDFC Kiosk. However, the main reason behind launching this scheme is for the people who cannot visit the bank’s official branches due to lack of connectivity or no bank near them. However, some of the services provided by the HDFC Customer Service Point are:

  1. Loan facility
  2. Linking Aadhar card, PAN card and mobile number to the bank account
  3. Money Transfer
  4. Insurance for customers
  5. Cash deposition or withdrawal of up to 10000 INR on each day
  6. RD and FD account opening
  7. ATM and cheque book issue
  8. Zero balance account opening

CSC HDFC Bank Registration Process

If the individual wants to apply for the CSC HDFC bank, they must follow specific registration. However, here are those step-by-step guides for the registration of CSC HDFC.

  1. The first step for registration is to visit the reliable site of CSC Bank Mitra. There are chances of fraud and theft, so ensure you have a sound check before working on it further. 
  2. Once you enter the te, click on the choice of the bank Mitra registration. 
  3. After selecting the bank, click on the post button. However, after selecting the post, click the new user button.
  4. After clicking on it, you will see a pop-up on the screen where you’ll see all the statistics you’ll get.
  5. After that, you have to click on the continue button.
  6. Once it’s done, a utility structure will appear before you. 
  7. In the utility structure, you have to fill in all the necessary details asked of you. 
  8. After this, you’ll go to the verification process.
  9. Once all the verification is done, you will get all the other required information through Email.
  10. Once verification is done, the consumer will receive the password and the provider’s email ID. 
  11. When you get all the necessary details regarding this, you can log in to your account with the help of your email ID and password and start your journey of providing banking services to people. 

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Benefits of CSC HDFC CSP

The HDFC has already been helping its customers enjoy its services even after a lack of connectivity. HDFC has been trying to develop the banking system of rural areas by providing them with HDFC bank CSP. However, some of the benefits of HDFC CSP are:

  1. HDFC CSP helps depositors withdrawal amounts. It is cost and time-efficient. 
  2. The HDFC CSP helps people by employing them, which also helps in giving an appropriate amount of earnings every month.
  3. If you’re a busy person who still willingly wants to earn more money, owning an HDFC CSP can be a great idea as you can work here part-time and still make a good amount.
  4. The HDFC CSP helps people avoid waiting for cash withdrawal and deposition. 

What are the earnings from HDFC Bank CSP? 

If you open the HDFC customer service portal, you will not get any salary from the bank. However, you will receive the commission on every transaction at your HDFC Bank CSP. The bank will pay Rs. 10 commission on every account opening and 0.05% of the transaction amount on every cash deposit. The bank offers 8-10% commission if you provide a loan to any customer. Overall, you can earn a decent income monthly. 

Process to apply for HDFC bank Kiosk Banking

Ensure you have all the documents before applying for HDFC Bank Kiosk banking. After this, arrange the equipment and office space. 

Now, you can visit the nearest branch and apply for HDFC Bank CSP. Fill out the application form properly and attach the necessary documents. If HDFC finds you an eligible candidate, you will get permission to open the HDFC bank Kiosk.  

Best CSP providers for HDFC Bank Kiosk

While choosing the CSP providing company, make sure the stay away from scammers. Various companies provide the CSP for HDFC Bank kiosks; you must choose the best one. Some of the reliable and best companies are listed below: 

  • Customer Service Center
  • PayPoint India 
  • Alankit
  • My Oxygen
  • Digital India CSP
  • Grahak Seva Kendra 

So now all your questions regarding the registration of HDFC CSP must be answered well. However, if you’re thinking of starting a business that can help you earn an excellent salary, then HDFC CSP can be a great idea. With the help of some mere investment, you can have a good earning spot. You can earn enough money even sitting inside a small room and working in a rural area. However, even the registration and application process is relatively quick and easy. You must submit all the necessary documents and an appropriately filled application form. Submit all the required things to the bank and wait till it gets verified. And once it is done, you can start your CSP.

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